Working with a variety of identity signals must be a frictionless process

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March 25, 2022, 11:17 AM GMT+0

To transmit and represent audience data efficiently, the industry must achieve fluency in a range of IDs.

The author argues that as the industry prepares for a cookieless web, the industry musn’t limit itself to one or two solutions as this could result in a siloed and fractured supply path. Instead, aim for collaboration and common standards.

For both the demand and supply side, a portfolio-based approach is suggested. With the phasing out of third-party data, audience creation will need to rely a lot on the sell side. In such a scenario, publisher-controlled, first-party data will gain significance.

To be able to support both buy and sell sides, exchanges and sell-side platforms must be ID-agnostic. This will allow publishers to match data to an ad opportunity and showcase the same to a buyer in a privacy compliant manner.  

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