Understanding machine learning model can help build look-alike audiences effectively

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March 28, 2022, 1:09 AM GMT+0

As privacy concerns lead to legislations like CCPA and GDPR and self-regulation, technologies like DMPs, third-party cookies, and associated data are becoming obsolete.

The shift from third-party cookies and third-party data overlays on cookies is causing audience pools to shrink as individuals have fewer associated identifiers. This is why businesses need to build look-alike audiences to leverage their first-party data – necessary for building robust large-scale segments for marketing and advertising purposes.

Machine learning offers a way to overcome the limitations and allows for building segments without relying on privacy averse technologies. Machine learning can continually adapt to features based on the latest update available and incorporate new user activities or actions.

A machine learning model that directly optimises for clicks can help brands yield better results, but it can result even better when supervised by a human expert. To further model first-party data, businesses can also leverage data science platforms in a proper manner.

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