Drive brand awareness, acquire and retain consumers with advocacy marketing

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March 29, 2022, 9:21 AM GMT+0

Establishing guidelines, goals and the type of messaging can help companies practice advocacy marketing.

Advocacy marketing can help brands retain consumers, keep them content, and acquire new consumers. As word-of-mouth recommendations help build client loyalty, advocacy marketing entails having advocates in the form of employees or loyal consumers promote the brand’s products and services.

In an already crowded market, leverage advocacy marketing to reinforce consumer relationships, drive awareness, traffic, and sales in a cost-effective manner. Creating an advocacy program to nurture consumers lets businesses build their customer base and enhance their exposure, as well as augment traffic through organic search trends.

Developing a consumer-first culture is recommended to ensure customers feel safe and build a sense of loyalty among them. Having an engaged workforce committed to the company’s goals and mission can help brands acquire new consumers via their connections, grow their business, and boost productivity. To identify the most loyal consumers and brand advocates, use the net promoter score (NPS) to track consumers' engagement levels and online activities. Offer referral programs with attractive incentives and leverage hashtags and UGC to boost brand advocacy efforts.

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