Brands should describe the transformational value in every product description

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March 30, 2022, 3:34 AM GMT+0

To write powerful product descriptions, make sure they are subtle and provide information to pique readers' interest.

Most successful brands use product descriptions to educate, entertain and sell. Brands like GHOST start with the unique factor, visually listing important features using bullet points and attractive visual icons. Along with highlighting reviews from people using the product for different lifestyles, the company includes a section where readers can learn more about the individual transformational value.

Brands should make sure their content speaks directly to their target audience to elevate product descriptions. Instead of using product description content that addresses various audiences, brands should highlight the benefits that align with their prospects' particular interests.

They can also use bullet points to ensure the product's technical specs are easily scannable. But, make sure the product description addresses consumers' specific problems and informs how the product can solve them and add transformational value.

For instance, customers may know that Vitamin C is a good ingredient, but they may not know how it can transform their skin. A good product description will explain that Vitamin C can lighten dark spots, among other benefits.

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