This cheap and easy method can help brands reduce cart abandonment rates

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March 31, 2022, 11:38 AM GMT+0

Ecommerce brands lose around $18 billion in sales each year due to cart abandonment.

A Baymard’s Research found that 70% of online shoppers leave ecommerce sites without purchasing anything. Some of the primary reasons that drive cart abandonment include high shipping charges, unexpected checkout charges and website errors.

Brands can offer a seamless website and a user-friendly mobile interface with transparent pricing to curb shopping cart abandonment. But, cart abandonment is inevitable. To tackle cart abandonment, brands usually turn to personalised emails and app notifications. Most shoppers turn off their app notifications, and emails get lost in an overcrowded inbox.

An easy solution to avoid getting lost in the crowd is leveraging text messages. SMS cart abandonment messages are unobtrusive, more affordable than other channels, and automation is simple and easy. This channel also enables brands to connect and shoppers in real-time. However, it requires customers to opt-in and does not support images and visuals.

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