Use QR codes, video marketing and AI to deliver better customer experiences

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March 31, 2022, 2:52 AM GMT+0

Brands that succeed in delivering more relevant and meaningful experiences could stand to win consumers over.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak a few years ago, consumers’ expectations regarding brand experiences have undergone many changes. Customers now seem to be using consumerism as an “escape route” and wish to be uniquely catered to.

This can be done by using personalisation tactics based on data consumers share with a brand on an incremental basis as the brand-consumer relationship builds. The article shares some key tactics that could help companies to cater to consumers better.

Given that the pandemic allowed QR codes to make a resurgence, QR codes can be used to deliver dynamic experiences. With increasing video consumption and reducing attention spans, use video marketing for brand storytelling and to establish trust in a digital environment. Further, allow AI to help deliver seamless, personal, insightful and delightful customer experiences.   

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