This is why marketers must prioritise creating a unified data set

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April 04, 2022, 2:35 AM GMT+0

A Piano report suggests how marketers can focus on creating unified data sets and collaborate with data analytics partners to overcome the issue of massive datasets.

About 60% of global marketers feel overwhelmed by the amount of data that passes across their desktops, according to Forrester research. To handle massive datasets efficiently, marketers need to first create a unified view of data to eliminate silos and improve communication.

Then, they should align data analytics with specific business goals. Teams throughout the organisation must be given open access to data required to achieve those business goals. Brands must work with three categories of data – necessary data, data collected from a variety of sources like websites and apps, and finally, unified data.

Similarly, businesses must ensure their analytics solutions or partners employ user-friendly features like dashboarding or browser extensions. The partners must also facilitate the evolution of data strategies over time.

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