Retargeting customers who have downloaded free resources can spur conversions

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April 05, 2022, 3:13 AM GMT+0

Once users download resources offered on the brand’s website, marketers must engage them further to offer free trials and other sign-ups.

When offering free trials on the website, brands must ensure they offer genuinely informative content to establish authority and earn consumer confidence. Similarly, showcasing social proof and UGC can help marketers build consumer trust and boost free trial conversion rates.

Given that a number of website visitors often make an exit without converting on the site, retargeting customers who have interacted with landing pages can help maximise conversions. Once users download the resource offered on the site, marketers can deliver additional content to them via email, boost brand interactions and encourage free trial sign-ups.

An effective email onboarding strategy can help brands educate users about how they can make the most of the products or services. Marketers can even reach out to customers after the end of their free trial, to remind them about premium features they can access. 

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