List an odd number of points in listicles to stand out in SERPs and drive clicks

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April 06, 2022, 2:40 AM GMT+0

Use the infinite scroll feature for listicles to increase pageviews, and avoid using a clickbait headline.

Incorporating the listicle format into the content mix can help brands retain users with short attention spans as well as expand and engage audiences. Readers can easily complete listicles in just one read and extract useful information since it is organised into snackable quantities or into quick-read sections.

Brands can catalogue listicles in chronological order to make important information easily consumable for their audience. Marketers can also create listicles on social platforms, like listing items in a tweet or using the carousel function on Instagram. Including smart and relevant keywords in subheads is recommended to boost SEO efforts.

To write effective listicles, factor in the target audience, content type (like casual or humour), and assess each list item to stay organised. Conduct competitor research to gather ideas for listicle items and list an odd number of things to stand out, as search engines are attuned to standard numbers like 10. Backlink relevant items to the website or landing pages to drive leads.

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