Consumers welcome personalised emails but brands must time them appropriately  

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April 12, 2022, 6:47 AM GMT+0

Personalised recommendations based on past purchases are valued, but ads based on location data or cookie data are a strict no no.

A Cheetah report found that email continues to be the number one channel for conversions, with email outperforming SMS by over 108% when driving revenue. Yet, brands need to ensure they do not inundate their customers’ inboxes with emails, given that 51% of consumers prefer brands that communicate with them as and when necessary.

About 49% of consumers feel frustrated due to the lack of personalised messaging. Irrelevant content or offers from brands irk 49% of consumers. While 67% of consumers find ads based on location data creepy, 80% of them feel recommendations based on past purchase history are fine.

Similarly, consumers are okay with email reminders about abandoned cart items. As far as loyalty programmes are concerned, 40% of consumers are more likely to take part in such programmes now, compared to last year. Around 26% of customers are also willing to switch brands if they do not feel valued.

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