This is why marketing professional must prioritise improving martech skills now 

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April 12, 2022, 6:28 AM GMT+0

About 40% of martech is simply not used and yet, marketers are looking out for more.

Research by Clevertouch Marketing found that organisations are releasing budgets for the majority of marketing departments with a desire to go digital. Similarly, marketers are continually seeking the next big tech investment, because of which technology migrations and deployments are not slowing down.

However, 40% of technology is still going unused as three-quarters of marketers admit to not having the technical ability to effectively pursue their digital ambitions. Only 10% of organisations are pushing for skills development and organisational design.

“CMOs are adding to their burden rather than easing it and the vast majority are almost ignoring organisation learning and design completely,” said Adam Sharp, CEO at Clevertouch.

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