Machine learning can help fill the measurement void the cookie exit will create

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April 14, 2022, 12:01 PM GMT+0

In this article, Google offers three strategies marketers can consider adopting for privacy-first marketing.

According to Google, using global site tags and Google’s Tag Manager can help brands optimise their marketing campaigns, drive conversions, and prioritise data privacy. Businesses will be able to effectively measure and optimise internet-marketing campaigns in the absence of cookies.

While the loss of third-party data will result in specific measurement gaps, machine-learning models can help access accurate reporting on customer journeys. Machine learning used along with first-party data can help improve campaign performance by 35%.

Similarly, marketers must focus on planning a first-party data strategy to make up for the third-party cookie exit. Brands can even consider forging B2B partnerships with related companies that can help build more first-party data like phone and app interactions.

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