Regular brainstorming, outsourcing talent help create fresh, creative content

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April 14, 2022, 9:30 AM GMT+0

Apart from solid headlines and tags to signal freshness, marketers must also rely on metrics to determine how well their content performs. 

Refreshing brand content can help marketers improve their SEO ranking and establish authority in their industry niche. Fresh brand content can also prove pivotal in boosting customer loyalty and making it easier for audiences to trust the brand through educating and entertaining content. 

Marketers must first invest in keyword research to identify what exactly their target audiences are searching for online. Developing clear and specific content briefs can help marketers offer content that is clear to understand and credible enough to trust. 

Engaging in-house and external teams in regular brainstorming sessions and incentivising employees for creative ideas can help marketers choose. Similarly, brands must expand their talent base and collaborate with best-in-class content experts to offer their consumers quality and authoritative content. 

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