Support for embedding ethics in AI among CEOs is rapidly rising 

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April 14, 2022, 12:29 PM GMT+0

About 79% of surveyed CEOs are prepared to embed AI ethics in their AI practices, marking an increase from 20% in 2018.

According to an IBM survey, 80% of respondents say non-technical executives such as CEOs are the primary advocates for AI ethics. The number stood at just 15% in 2018. Similarly, 75% of executives view ethics as a source of competitive differentiation. 

When it comes to being most accountable for AI ethics, respondents pegged CEOs as the person most responsible (28%), followed by board members (10%), general counsels (10%) and privacy officers (8%). More than three-quarters of business leaders agree AI ethics are essential to their organisations, up from 50% in 2018. 

About 68% of organisations also acknowledge that diversity is crucial to eliminate bias in AI, yet AI teams are also less diverse than their organisation’s workforces are. More than 45% of respondents claim their organisations have created AI-specific ethics mechanisms, such as AI project risk assessment frameworks. 

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