Improving a website's crawl budget is beneficial for the site's SEO efforts too

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April 19, 2022, 2:13 AM GMT+0

Support a site’s overall indexation by managing the crawl budget.

The number of pages a Googlebot or any search engine crawler can crawl in a given amount of time is known as a crawl budget. Crawl budget must be diligently maintained to support a site’s overall indexation.

Having the right crawl budget is important from an SEO perspective as well as the right budget helps a page appear on SERP and improves discoverability. Marketers can improve their site’s crawl budget by improving site speed, correctly executing internal linking and avoiding any duplication of content.

Hosting spam content or low-quality content, faceted navigation, soft error pages, hacked pages and more negatively impacts a site’s crawl budget. However, pages like login pages, form submission pages, thank you pages and internal search results don’t need to be indexed for crawling.  

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