Rely on chatbots, social listening to enhance conversational marketing efforts

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April 19, 2022, 1:13 AM GMT+0

Conversational marketing is the ongoing dialogue between a brand and its consumers as and when the customers find it most convenient.

With conversational marketing, marketers can connect multiple channels like websites and social profiles to improve the customer journey, find solutions easily and complete purchase orders. For instance, a strong conversational marketing plan can connect a customer during a video chat with designated sales reps.

Brands can use chatbots to expedite common questions and free up the team to spend time on more complex customer issues. Similarly, private messaging and live video can help marketers contact customers directly and personalise communication.

Paying close attention to the target audience's pain points and needs can also help better inform the brand’s conversational marketing strategies. On the other hand, social listening tools can help marketers effectively track social conversations about the company and identify consumer sentiments around the brand. Such insights can then strengthen the conversational marketing plan.

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