Zero Trust technologies can help marketers prevent misuse of customer data

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April 19, 2022, 11:07 AM GMT+0

Strengthen advertising data practices to protect a business and customers from malicious actors.

The author notes that in the current digital landscape, it is difficult for marketers to know which platforms or partners have access to their data. Since this isn’t an ideal situation to be in, marketers must at least be aware of their data practices’ vulnerabilities.

To ensure a company’s data practices continue to be seen as trustworthy, note that as soon as first-party data is accessed by a third party, a trail is generated and guardrails activated. This is where Zero Trust technologies can be useful.

In the data analytics process, make sure that only the data to which access has been provided is being analysed. Further, set up controls to avoid any malpractices occurring during informal analysis.   

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