Choose CTV ad platforms that allow targeting specific audiences across networks

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April 21, 2022, 12:31 AM GMT+0

Advertisers must opt for platforms and technologies that make it easier to target the right segment of CTV audiences and access comprehensive insights on ad performance.

About six in ten viewers claimed to have switched from ad-free to ad-supporting streaming channels last year, in exchange for free or cheaper programming. While this could be great news for marketers and advertisers, challenges pertaining to managing logistics of buying ads, tracking impressions from TV ads to an advertiser’s site and measuring success between streamers, remain.

To overcome fragmentation while targeting intended streaming audiences, CTV advertisers must associate with ad platforms that enable them to reach viewers across a range of premium CTV networks and apps. Similarly, advertisers should choose technologies that provide the same metrics across devices, irrespective of the platform viewers are consuming content.

The CTV ad platforms should also offer advertisers a system that allows the latter to see impressions and completion rates in real-time. Such systems must also help advertisers access outcome-focussed insights like website visits, conversions, cost per acquisition and return on ad spend.

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