Consumers worry more about identify theft than advertisers misusing their data

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April 21, 2022, 2:29 AM GMT+0

A study by Tinuiti aimed to understand consumers’ concerns about their data being misused.

As per the report, only 9% consumers are concerned about advertisers misusing consumer data. Nearly half of the consumers surveyed are actually worried about data being misused for identity theft.

Where 52% of respondents think there’s no such thing as online privacy, 20% participants feel in control of their data with nine in 10 people having taken some measure to protect their data. Some measures include clearing browser cookies and disabling location tracking on mobile devices.

However, consumers wouldn’t mind trading their information in exchange for a promotional offer. Three in 10 respondents would share their details for free shipping (29%) and a discount coupon (28%). Such an exchange wouldn’t be preferred by one in five respondents.

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