This is what brands must do while conducting their next YouTube content audit

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April 21, 2022, 1:09 AM GMT+0

A YouTube audit is simply a measure of how a YouTube channel is performing, giving the brand insights into how it can optimise its videos for more views.

Among other metrics, brands must ensure their YouTube audit includes the subscribers-to-views ratio. The ratio helps marketers understand what percentage of subscribers end up watching their content. Similarly, the views-to-engagement ratio considers metrics like comments, shares, likes and dislikes to identify which videos generate the most engagement.

Marketers can also see how many viewers stick to the end of the video by using the audience retention factor. Apart from analysing how well the videos fare among subscribers and target audiences, brands need to see how often their videos feature on suggested sources.

Identifying the most suggested videos could help brands replicate elements of their most successful videos in other content as well. When auditing the YouTube channel, marketers should also check for broken links and replace them with the latest and most relevant videos.

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