Clearly outline the extent of responsibilities of a crisis management team

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April 22, 2022, 2:50 AM GMT+0

This article explains how organisations can build an ideal crises response strategy.

Organisations can prepare for potential crises by creating a detailed response action plan. Such plans elaborate on the risks a company could face and necessary actions to remediate such threats, as and when they emerge. Continually review, test and update response plans to keep them relevant and effective.

Set up a core crisis management team compromising of executive leadership, department heads, PR representatives and legal advisors, among other employees. Roles and responsibilities of each of the members must be clearly outlined using an organisation chart.

Additionally, develop a key messaging framework that specifies the critical and sensitive details a company wishes to communicate to its employees. Similarly, focussing on an external communications strategy will help prepare to engage the public, external stakeholders and media in times of crises.

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