Use app engagement data to serve targeted ads and inform strategic decisions

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April 27, 2022, 12:21 PM GMT+0

Mobility or app engagement data is a mix of apps on mobile devices that relate to the consumers' general interests and behaviours.

App engagement data can provide brands with deeper targeting and personalisation insights. It can also lead brands to gain access to a holistic view of the types of apps their consumers use.

Jess Zhu, Head of Advertising Products at Marketing Solutions, notes, "At the end of the day, mobility data is mobile engagement behaviour data." Since it is a privacy-compliant data source, app engagement data aligns with the interests of publishers and advertisers since both want to understand customers.

Marketers should be aware of the kind of apps that a particular target group uses and at what time to build partnerships and serve targeted content. Brands can use mobility data to gain insights into competitors and inform strategic decisions.

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