Celebrating Thanksgiving

November 19, 2013, 6:09 PM GMT+0

Next Thursday, November 28th, 85% of Americans will be celebrating Thanksgiving according to our most recent omnibus survey conducted November 15th-18th 2013.

The majority of Americans are planning on celebrating the holiday by having a Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends, with a little under half of Americans (44%) planning on going to a family member or friend’s house for dinner, and 34% of Americans planning on hosting a dinner for their family and friends.

Spending time with family takes the cake as American’s favorite thing about Thanksgiving, with 7 out 10 respondents (71%) stating that it was their favorite aspect of the holiday. Thanksgiving dinner comes in second as American’s favorite thing about Thanksgiving, with 62% of respondents indicating that the food is one of their favorite things about the holiday.

Not all turkeys will be as lucky as the turkey that will be pardoned by President Obama shortly before Thanksgiving, with nearly 9 out of 10 respondents (87%) who are planning on celebrating the holiday stating that there will be turkey served at their Thanksgiving dinner. Non-meat eaters will not be left out of the Thanksgiving feasts of the 37% of Americans who stated that vegetarian options will be included in their menu for the holiday.

When asked what holidays and traditions they generally celebrated 81% of Americans agreed that they tend to celebrate Thanksgiving each year. After Thanksgiving the holidays respondents stated they usually celebrated were: Christmas day (79%), Mother’s Day (63%), Christmas Eve (62%), and the 4th of July (61%).

Thanksgiving is tied in first place with Christmas day as the holiday Americans think is the most important for future generations to continue celebrating, with 76% of Americans indicating that it was important the celebration of these two holidays be continued in the future. Other popular choices among Americans for holidays that should be continued to be celebrated by future generations were: Mother’s Day (67%), the 4th of July (64%), Christmas eve (63%), and Father’s day (63%).

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