Mozilla launches a new privacy tool 

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February 24, 2021, 5:44 PM GMT+0

Firefox's new privacy tool will block third-party cookie-based tracking. 

Mozilla Firefox launched its new feature, "Total Cookie Protection", which will prevent cross-site tracking and improve user privacy on the web browser. Firefox users can use the new anti-tracking tool by selecting the "strict" mode on the browser's tracking prevention setting. 

Mozilla's Johann Hofmann and Tim Huang said, "This form of cookie blocking is an effective approach to stop tracking, but it has its limitations." The setting can block cookies from 3000 of the most prominent trackers, but it faces the uphill task of remaining updated. 

The company claims the new feature and its other recent efforts against cookie tracking will eliminate "the most pervasive cross-site tracking technique." Apart from Mozilla, Apple's Safari has already blocked third-party cookies, while Google is planning to phase out cookies by 2022.

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