European consumers do not trust brands to act on their environmental commitments

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March 16, 2022, 4:28 AM GMT+0

69% of consumers want companies to be more transparent about their business practices.

Over half of European consumers agree that it is worth paying more for sustainable or environmentally friendly products, as per Forrester blogs, European Consumers Drive The Sustainability Demand, March 2022. During their purchase journeys, European consumers actively seek recyclability of packaging and environmentally friendly shipping. About 64% of European online adults agree that companies are responsible for protecting the environment.

However, only 34% of European consumers trust companies when the latter claim they are committed to reducing climate change. Similarly, while a significant portion of UK adults do not mind purchasing products that are not environmentally friendly, Italian consumers are less likely to do so.

These numbers indicate that brands must invest in consumer research to identify levels of environmental sensitivity among their target audiences. They must also focus on breaking down sustainability purchasing barriers like price and inconvenience to reduce consumers’ cognitive dissonance.  

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