This is why brands should consider sending direct mail even in the age of email

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May 06, 2022, 2:23 PM GMT+0

Younger consumers appreciate the human touch that direct customer mail can signify.

Around 88% of consumers read all or most of their direct customer mail content. But, the number drops down to 76% for emails, 58% for text messages and 44% for app notifications. Gen Z and millennials appreciate the personal touch that direct mail offers and engage with it more than other forms of marketing communications.

Among the younger demographics, 85% of them open direct mail, while 65% store it for future references. Consumers also reported they understand complex information better in physical mail than in digital formats.

More than half of customers also said they are less likely to miss something when presented in a physical format. These numbers indicate direct mail still offers unique CX benefits because of its tangibility, trustworthiness and ability to interact at will.

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