Leverage agile intelligence to visualise data sets, inform marketing decisions

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May 17, 2022, 11:23 AM GMT+0

A customer data platform (CDP) enables agile intelligence to integrate market, customer, and geographic data, and make real-time decisions.

To improve customer relationships, increase value exchanges, and inform strategies, brands should use agile intelligence to simplify data-driven marketing. Agile intelligence is a technology-enabled methodology that allows marketers to understand, explore, and act on critical business issues without relying on other departments.

Marketers can connect with departments like operations, analytics, and more by using agile intelligence as an extension to CDP. Visualise first, second, and third-party data sets and segment customers, decide where to establish retail locations, and more through agile intelligence.

Businesses in the travel and hotel industry, for example, can use agile intelligence's visualisation to learn about unique consumers at different destinations, average expenditure, and more. It further allows companies to automate the process of gathering predictive insights.

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