Netflix must explore avenues of being a 'formidable force' in the CTV ecosystem

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May 19, 2022, 11:10 AM GMT+0

A stagnant subscriber growth in recent quarters led Netflix to consider an ad-supported tier.

While opening up content to non-paying subscribers in an ad-supported model, Netflix can explore a diversified revenue model where it can combine content, commerce and commercials into a single, seamless experience. The author suggests streaming platforms can contemplate offering livestreaming retail, immersive content-as-advertising and more.

Netflix can let brands utilise the platform’s own studio services to build engaging CTV experiences, which are unique to their platform. With access to high-quality first-party data, Netflix can inform personalised ads for viewers.

With access to audience payment methods, Netflix can also capitalise on opportunities like one-click shopping. Further, by enabling brands to focus on a seamless and closed loops to drive conversions, the streaming platform can collect more data on non-paying subscribers in addition to revenue.

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