Brands can collect first-party data by giving customers tools to express themselves

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May 25, 2022, 10:53 AM GMT+0

Along with unifying customer data and improving digital experiences for customers, brands strengthen their data security practices.

Instead of sending generic promotional emails to customers on events like birthdays, businesses should focus on segmenting audiences and then hyper-personalising their campaigns. As consumers already know companies have their data, marketers should showcase its utility by sending personalised and meaningful offers.

Businesses should ensure all customer-facing teams like customer care have access to the required customer data, technology, tools and processes. It can help these teams reply to both existing customers and prospects via different channels in a highly personalised manner.

They can effectively collect first-party data by providing customers with tools to express their preferences and use that to inform their marketing strategies. But, brands should not sell their customer data to third-party brokers without informing the consumers, as brokers can send irrelevant and creepy adverts to customers leading to an erosion in consumer trust.

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