Marketers should embrace metrics like intent and engagement to excel amid shifting trends  

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June 30, 2022, 1:01 PM GMT+0

They should optimise their strategies to endure and thrive during challenging times.   

Economic headwinds have forced marketers are forced to work within tight budgets. To consolidate businesses at this critical juncture, companies must eliminate old processes and adopt real-time strategies. They should embrace critical metrics like targeting the trifecta of fit, intent and engagement.  

Marketers should also meticulously track customised campaigns and conversations with prospects based on interactions, web searches and competitor considerations. In order to deliver focussed ROI, businesses should identify real-time and adaptable strategies.   

Marketers can leverage Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to amplify the effectiveness of their one-to-many channels like emails, display and content syndication. They should also leverage data to visualise the next steps effectively and prepare for future uncertainties.    

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