Focus on building long-term relationships to leverage marketing collaborations

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August 26, 2022, 12:08 PM GMT+0

While marketing collaboration can help businesses yield long-term results, restricting collaborations to one-time campaigns can defeat the purpose.
Before forging marketing collaborations, brands must understand the importance of relationship management. Just like how repeat customers are the most valuable when generating sales, repeat marketing collaborators can help businesses build communities, amplify the brand and drive sales.
Similarly, marketers should regularly collaborate with new people and engage with them constantly to build trust. Introducing new content formats and leveraging trends can help brands keep the collaboration fresh.
Finally, when looking for people to collaborate with, brands must go beyond social media celebrities and connect with fast-rising bloggers, reporters, peers and even existing customers. Such individuals are more likely to promote the brand with passion than run-of-mill influencers who might be balancing multiple brands.

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