Marketers must focus on AI to optimise virtuous advertising

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September 02, 2022, 5:58 AM GMT+0

Virtuous advertising uses only those resources that marketing organisations need to function.

In digital marketing, virtuous advertising aims to remove as much wastage from ad campaigns as possible by not targeting audiences who are unlikely to convert. By using AI, in particular, marketers will be able to avoid irrelevant targets and relocate budgets in real-time.

For instance, organisations can use AI in their marketing efforts to compute optimal media prices with the available data. Such AI-empowered processes will outpace and outperform human guesswork and boost the quality of insights marketers can leverage.

Similarly, marketers can use AI to convert free available log-level data into actionable information to enable privacy-friendly media buying practices. AI can also codify insights drawn from data sets such as sales and warehouse stock level data to optimise media buying.

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