Leverage marketing principles like scarcity and authority to boost conversions

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September 07, 2022, 2:28 PM GMT+0

This article lists six primary principles that digital marketers can use to encourage customers to complete purchases.

By offering customers discounts or free samples on their first purchase, marketers can leverage the principle of reciprocity that nudges customers to make larger purchases. Similarly, identifying individuals as customers or members of an exclusive club will encourage them to commit themselves to a particular process – completing a purchase, for instance.

Marketers can further enhance this process by offering social proof about their products via reviews, recommendations and social media likes on their product listings. Besides providing social proof, brands can collaborate with popular influencers in their industry niche to establish authority.

Maintaining transparency and giving the brand a name, face and story can help customers relate better with the brand and build a personal rapport. Finally, creating a sense of scarcity through limited-time offers or seasonal goods can boost conversions as well.

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