Focus on securing and distributing original data to build media relations

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September 26, 2022, 2:53 PM GMT+0

Brands must collect first-party data to understand customer motivations and offer insights to media outlets to boost credibility.

When building media relations, brands must rely on original data to leverage longevity and an ongoing ROI. For instance, once businesses release data via a press release, it offers media outlets an opportunity to run a story, conduct interviews or even cite that data in content like articles, blogs and podcasts for a long time.

The data insights provided must address the needs of the brand's audience and stakeholders. Such insights can help businesses identify problems that can be solved using their data. 

Once a problem is identified, marketers can proceed with collecting original data through owned sources like CRMs, focus groups, interviews and other customer interactions. Finally, the secured data can be distributed to media via earned media pitching or press releases, or even through brand content pieces like blogs, webinars, email blasts or white papers.

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