Banking apps need to focus on customisation to meet consumer financial needs efficiently 

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October 04, 2022, 2:23 PM GMT+0

Banks should offer guided tours of their mobile apps to help consumers navigate the app better. 

By personalising and customising their apps, banks can help their customers save time, especially when it comes to navigating everyday tasks. Similarly, banking apps must also personalise the types and numbers of alerts sent across to customers via the app.  

For instance, instead of inundating consumers with app alerts, banks can limit their app notifications to security alerts. Institutions must also offer their consumers, especially those who are new to banking apps, an interactive or guided tour of the app on their websites.  

While it is essential for banks to create seamless in-app experiences, they must also maintain their mobile web presence for consumers who find larger screens easier to handle specific tasks. Similarly, consumer experiences on a website or app may still require human intervention. Banks must be mindful of this and provide users with helpline numbers.    

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