How brands are building better customer loyalty in this experiential ecosystem 

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October 11, 2022, 3:14 PM GMT+0

Businesses are increasingly leveraging events, classes and services to foster customer loyalty.  

With customer preferences tilting towards experiential offerings, brands are leveraging this trend to create a loyal, long-term customer base. Beauty and cosmetics giant, Sephora, has been setting up branded events like makeovers, in-store beauty classes and tutorials aimed at younger consumers for some time now. Early customer engagement has resulted in their loyal customer base as the demographics age.  

The beauty brand Sephora built a massive following of consumers over the decades by establishing a connection with consumers when they were young. Many women who attended a Sephora event or experienced a makeover with the brand as children are now lifelong customers.  

Other businesses have been experimenting with interactive classes. Arts and crafts giant Michaels built their brand community on free and paid interactive courses. They then successfully transitioned to paid classes while maintaining the community’s core values, brand loyalty and adding revenue.  

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