Post on social media at a time when target audiences are most active 

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October 11, 2022, 3:02 PM GMT+0

To create robust social media post schedules, brands must avoid posting during rush hours, schedule posts on weekdays and study competitors’ schedules. 

Marketers must learn to publish brand content when their target audience is most likely online and ready to be engaged. This approach can be different for different platforms. On Facebook, for instance, 3 AM on weekdays is the best time to post to engage audiences. However, it is 11 AM for Instagram.  

Understanding their audiences can help brands identify the optimal time to interact with their consumers. Manually analysing competitors’ posts and exploring their engagement can also offer insights that brands can use to improve their social media schedules.  

Once brands gather information about their audiences and intelligence about their competitors, they can start making educated guesses for effective posting schedules. Marketers must consider the different time zones their audiences could be living in when creating a plan.  

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