Brands must be fully insured to be able to provide better customer experiences

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October 17, 2022, 10:40 AM GMT+0

Without the necessary coverage, businesses might not be able to provide the customer experience expected of them. 

Businesses can offer customers goods and services with confidence and greater flexibility if they are insured against liabilities such as insurance claims and accidents. This helps by allowing businesses to deliver excellent customer experiences despite any unexpected disruptions.  

It is also crucial to understand customers’ triggers, buying patterns and pain-points when crafting customer experiences. With this information, companies can create targeted experiences that can potentially elicit a more positive emotional response. As per the article, 50% of customer experiences are emotion-based. 

A personalised touch is another key factor in crafting an ideal customer experience, as a majority want to feel like valued individuals. As cited in the article, 70% of people were more likely to buy from brands that understand their needs. 

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