Use email campaigns as a part of PR efforts to boost brand awareness

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November 02, 2022, 12:51 PM GMT+0

Send across email campaigns for PR to only those in the email list that might find it most beneficial or relevant.   

An email campaign, designed for the purpose of public relations (PR), would be a series of emails that would be interconnected to each other. This series maintains a consistent theme or goal throughout. Such campaigns can be designed to elicit action or simply to provide new information.   

To get an email campaign for PR right, ensure the brand's name appears five times, namely across the subject, email address, any visuals or imagery and more. To incorporate branding elements, include the brand logo, colors, visuals, tagline and more.   

The author also cautions against including attachments, and recommends adding in links to relevant landing pages. Further, identify factors that cause an email to land in the Spam folder and avoid those as far as possible. 

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