Engage customers, build awareness with time-sensitive offers with reactive marketing

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November 11, 2022, 9:07 AM GMT+0

By having agile marketing processes in place, marketers are able to benefit from reactive marketing to improve brand visibility, traffic and sales.  

Reactive marketing allows businesses to monitor current events, trends and more to bring out time-sensitive offers. Timing is also crucial in reactive marketing to be able to make the best use of current opportunities.   

Start by creating time-sensitive offers that help build a sense of urgency. Identify breaking news that's most relevant to your industry and create content pieces like blogs or a video to provide more information about the news to customers.   

Join an ongoing conversation, follow or use trending hashtags. However, instead of co-opting the most popular hashtag, find something that will be the most relevant to the brand and help engage consumers. Partnering with influencers, hosting contests are some other ways to practice reactive marketing.   

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