A brand's social media presence must be created in alignment with brand goals

Shinmin Bali
November 15, 2022, 9:42 AM GMT+0

Content and information must be used to display brand values.  

Having selected which social media platforms to be present on, delete any existing older accounts that exist on those. Create new ones, if needed, with the most up to date information displayed. Identify a niche in which one could secure maximum engagement, to be seen as a thought leader in the space.   

Maintain a balance between posting regularly and not overdoing it. Keep an eye on trending hashtags, topics and any other time-relevant collaterals such as images and more that can be used.   

The author recommends using social media and newsletters in tandem. For example, social media content could be distributed through a curated newsletter, and a newsletter's email list can be used to source traffic for social media accounts.   

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