PR pros can help brands maintain a positive identity with proper email etiquette

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December 20, 2022, 11:06 AM GMT+0

Minimise errors by proofreading emails, focusing on the subject line, and minding the tone of the message. 
PR pros can improve email etiquette and media communications by ensuring subject lines are concise, descriptive, and action oriented. Ideally, subject lines should also be newsworthy and under seven words. 
It is also important to focus on the tone of the email, as words without visual cues can be misconstrued. PR pros should avoid using humorous elements or an overly formal language. The emails should reflect a polite yet formal tone that does not come off as standoffish or harsh. 

Further, emails and their attachments should be proofread for grammatical errors. For efficiency, consider using tools like Writer or Grammarly. The email font should also be easy to read; Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman may yield the desired results.

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