TikTok issues new policies to guard youth against explicit or adult content

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January 04, 2023, 11:12 AM GMT+0

TikTok’s new safety enforcement policies prevent borderline or “suggestive” content recommendations on underaged users’ feeds. 

TikTok’s new enforcement of policies against sexually suggestive content will restrict certain content categories. Categories which include implied nudity and sensual content will not be recommended to users under the age of 13.  
The social media platform has also been investing in automation and machine learning to better detect explicit content. Additionally, TikTok has partnered with StopNCII, Meta, and Bumble to help prevent the spread of non-consensual intimate media on the platform. 

Further, TikTok’s pre-existing policies are also being updated, such as the Content Levels system and the Audience controls, which prevent mature content from reaching audiences under 18 and give creators more control. The Audience control for short-form content is expanding and will soon become a global feature. 

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