Use content and video marketing to boost digital marketing efforts in 2023

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January 04, 2023, 10:56 AM GMT+0

Emerging digital marketing trends will likely include content visualisation, customer experiences, and employee engagement. 

As per the article, gamification and the metaverse are some of the digital marketing trends that will be observed in 2023. Gamification can help brands reach Gen Z, Gen Alpha, and Millennial audiences.  
Further, content marketing is a reliable way to generate ROI. Content marketing in the form of explainer videos is particularly useful to simplify complex concepts, like the use of products or services. Similarly, video marketing could also influence digital marketing efforts in 2023, with personalised videos, interactive videos, and video automation.  

Additionally, companies looking to intercept customers throughout the buying journey, will need to adopt an omnichannel approach. This strategy will help them distribute content across online and offline channels. 

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