Leverage social media and augmented reality to engage Gen Z consumers

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January 05, 2023, 12:12 PM GMT+0

As cited in the article, almost half of Gen Z consumers view social media as a superior means of finding products. 

Brands looking to engage Gen Z should consider using shoppable posts across their social media channels. Using hashtags can boost product visibility and make discoverability and purchasing easier for consumers. 
To further increase brand awareness and sales, partner with influencers that Gen Z customers will deem authentic and relatable. Additionally, brands can better engage Gen Z customers with personalised marketing experiences. These campaigns should carry interactive, diverse, and culturally sound marketing elements. 

Further, consider using augmented reality (AR) to bring the store to Gen Z and help them make a purchasing decision. As per the article, over 90% of Gen Z are interested in using AR to model products like furniture in real spaces. 

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