Rising prices and economic slowdown is making advertisers rethink their approach to Superbowl

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February 10, 2023, 10:58 AM GMT+0

The economic downturn has accelerated the trend towards social media advertising during the big game.

Sports marketing agencies have been noticing a trend of marketers moving away from expensive advertising at the Superbowl to smaller campaigns built around the event on social media. A prominent example is Insurer State Farm, which has traditionally had a big Superbowl advert, focussing instead on a much cheaper TikTok campaign.

Brands are looking for campaigns beyond brand awareness and with some measurable components. Agencies are setting up “war rooms” to mememify memorable, quirky, fun moments around the game that can go viral.

Even the NFL is getting onto the social media game and has hired TikTok star Emmanuel Duverneau – the dancing chef to cook meals for the players. Some brands, like Pepsi, are still taking the traditional route and spending big money on the event.

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