This how can marketers can write a successful follow-up email that moves prospects down the funnel

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February 17, 2023, 5:04 PM GMT+0

When writing a follow-up email, marketers need to connect it with the initial opportunity.

Marketers need to decide on the objective of the email – scheduling a meeting, booking a demo, closing a sale, or just catching up with clients. Incorporating a suitable call-to-action and offering immediate value can help get a response from the recipient. 

The follow-up email should have a clear subject line, so “Follow-up” or “I’m waiting for your reply…” aren’t good email subject lines. A strong subject line should use action-oriented language, avoid clickbait, be personal, create a sense of urgency and highlight the benefit of carrying the conversation forward. 

The email should also provide context at the start of the email, reminding the recipient about the previous contact. The body of the email should be specific and straightforward and have added value like case studies, social proof or exclusive discounts. 

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