Align tactics with customers' values to match their expectations

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April 14, 2023, 1:18 PM GMT+0

In this article, the author explores the ways in which businesses can respond to changing customer expectations. 

The article states that customers now expect 24/7 service. This is where companies can benefit from using automation to answer people's questions. For example, a chatbot can answer any initial queries before they need to be passed to a human representative. 

With a growing number of customers curious about where products come from, if they've been ethically produced and more, businesses must demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. This can help attract mindful customers who could otherwise avoid brands that don't align with their environmental values. 

The author recommends enabling free shipping, returns and making it easier for customers to make a purchase. Optimising websites for mobile and personalising to show individualised care are other suggestions made. 

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