Update Instagram content strategy to focus on creativity, discovery, connection

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April 24, 2023, 12:33 PM GMT+0

This article shares how marketers can update their Instagram content strategy for 2023. 

Before mapping out an updated strategy, businesses could do well to note that in 2023, Instagram is focusing on three pillars - creativity, discovery and connection. To improve reach and maximise chances of discovery, use collaborative posts, relevant hashtags, searchable text and recommendable content. 

Engagement can be boosted by using carousel posts, capitalising on Reels trends and remixes, and leveraging user-generated content. Further, Stories on Instagram could have an element of interactivity to them using prompts, polls and more. 

Lead generation through content on the social media platform could be given a boost by adding in message buttons, encouraging Direct Messages and more. Leverage the platform's lead generation forms to give prospects an option to express interest and allow the brand to be contacted by them off-platform. 

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