Academic and Scientific

The Scientific and Academic Research team provides full-service survey research for academics, health researchers, policy think tanks and unique corporate clients. Our clients come to us to find solutions to challenging research questions. The Scientific Research group is staffed by highly trained survey methodologists serving the challenging needs of clients who conduct survey research that is intended for peer-reviewed publications.

We work with clients to target hard-to-reach populations and conduct survey research on multi-wave panels, cross-national studies, and surveys with complex experimentation and embedded media. We provide deep research and analytical experience, supported by a large and diverse panel and innovative sampling methodology.

Our services include research and questionnaire design, pretesting services, sample design, survey fielding, and reporting. Throughout the data collection process, we offer our clients an intellectual collaboration to solve problems and tackle difficult research questions.

We can assist you with:

  • Pretesting & cognitive interviewing
  • Questionnaire design & consulting
  • Complex experimentation
  • Panel and cross-national designs
  • Mixed-mode studies
  • Online focus groups

Sample Matching

YouGov employs a unique method of sample design to build representative samples of the US population. From a panel of opt-in participants, YouGov draws stratified samples that approximate the characteristics of random samples of the US Population. The YouGov sampling frame has been designed to match the population in the American Community Survey conducted by the US Census, and has been augmented with voter and consumer databases.

Academic Omnibus Studies

In addition to its weekly omnibus, YouGov manages the data collection for two of the most ground-breaking election studies today using the Internet. These studies have accommodated the research questions of hundreds of academics around the world.

CCES (The Cooperative Congressional Election Study) 
Since 2006, YouGov has been the data collection partner for the Cooperative Congressional Election Study (CCES), a consortium of academic teams that is the first truly large-scale academic survey project aimed at studying the midterm Congressional elections. In 2010, our partnership produced a 55,400 person national survey of the American electorate, as well as 45 separate studies focused on research questions of interest to the individual teams.

 (The Cooperative Campaign
Analysis Project
The 2016 CCAP focuses on the unfolding campaign season through a rolling cross-section from July until election day, plus a baseline and post-election interview of those respondents. For more information on how to purchase a team module and the common content from 13 weeks, please contact Ashley Grosse.

HealthIndex provides individual level data on behavior and attitudes as they relate to overall health. HealthIndex enables subscribers to measure the short- and long-term effects and changes in health, health related behaviors. Licensees subscribe to resulting data collections representing, individual states, and the nation. HealthIndex information is available via an easy-to-use online tool, allowing subscribers to view the data in a variety of layouts.  The HealthIndex tool, is a quarterly thermometer on the health of the nation - a measure of health and wellbeing across the US.   


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